Jessica Anderson


Name   Jessica Tignes Annette Anderson

Living   Hannington Northamptonshire

Age   19

Height   5ft. 4ins

Weight   55kg (8 stone 91b)

I love ski racing because of the combination of speed and the technical skills of gates. It’s you against everyone else and I enjoy competing against other people. You have to push yourself as hard as you can and there is no feeling like it when you hear your time over the loud speaker, especially if you are the fastest!

Everyone tells me I was born to ski it all started when I was just a day old, when my parents named me after the French Ski resort of Tignes, and has not stopped ever since!

I was skiing at the age of two and a half, and winning races by the time I was six! I have been a member of the British Children’s Team since the age of 11 and have represented GB in many competitions, gaining an international podium in Czech Republic and in 2012 and 2014 was chosen to go to Topolino which is known as the Children’s World Championships. In 2012 I also became British Slalom Champion.

I also represented GB at the European Youth Olympics in 2015 and the World Junior Championships in 2017.

I am currently a member of the GB U21 Alpine ski team.

In the winter I train in Austria at the Ambition Racing and when possible train in New Zealand during the summer.

Skiing is great sport and I hope many other children will take it up when they hear about my success.

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